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ISON Safari

1. n. Bespoke flight planning en route to your luxury safari. 2. vb. To provide a highly personalised and holistic approach to every part of your journey. 3. adj. Tailored travel solutions that save precious time and money. 4. adj. Maximising enjoyment in every single moment. 5. n. Seamless safari perfection.

ISON Travel. In conjunction with Conservation Safari Company.


Maximising the pleasure of your safari experience with personalised bespoke flight planning, from the second you leave your front door, to the moment you touch down in Africa.


As a boutique travel management service, our focus is on creating inspirational travel plans, delivering them cost effectively, and making them 100% stress free.


So, if you travel with ISON to your safari, then you are guaranteed the most competitive air fares; access to flight upgrades*, and 24/7 trouble-shooting & travel advice. All in all, a seamless and cohesive travel experience.


If you need to combine your trip with work, we can manage the most demanding of dual schedules. If you have favoured flying schedules, a preferred seat on the plane, want to use airmiles or even if you just need someone to hold your hand until you get there, your own personal ISON Travel Concierge ensures you are safely delivered to the expertise of the Conservation Safari Team, and safely brought home again too.


In essence, we think of everything. So that you can just watch the giraffes go by.

*subject to availability


ISON Travel supports Conservation Safari’s core vision to save Africa’s wildlife by donating a portion of our proceeds to carefully selected conservation organisations and projects.