One month after ISON Travel’s hugely successful Training and Development Event and we have the results back from the questionnaires we sent out to employees – and we’ve had an amazing response!

Fantastic Feedback

The employee word cloud highlights words such as, “excellent”, “exciting”, “great” and “useful” as well as “suppliers”, which is fantastic as we really wanted to further build on those relationships.

We also researched comments from LinkedIn posts and the second image shows a hugely positive picture too, with words such as, “great”, “thanks”, “team”, “opportunity” and “learning”.

ISON Training and Development Day Employee
ISON Training and Development Day LinkedIn

Collaboration in Travel

We’re delighted to hear such wonderful comments from our staff and suppliers. We wanted to create an event that informed about all things travel as well as enable everyone to connect, and it was great to see that happen.

Thank you to everyone who made this event such as success. ISON Travel has another Training and Development event in June and we can’t wait!

If you want to be part of the next ISON Travel event, please get in touch: